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Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Thinque Funky: upgrade your thinking

Anders’ keynote sessions and break-outs are like espresso shots of ideas. These stimulating shots of expansive thinking are backed up by a degustation menu of food for thought to ensure that the message sticks with your audience.

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a reformed lawyer, an avid social commentator, and a somewhat funky thinker. Swedish by design, Germanic by schooling, and Australian by choice, he is a linguistic gymnast who challenges his audiences to upgrade the way they think. A self-confessed cultural transvestite, Anders draws on a smorgasbord of international ideas and trends to inspire ideas and facilitate conversations.

He is an expert on generational trends, thought leadership branding, and innovation. Anders Sorman-Nilsson works with an innovative portfolio of brands including Dow Jones and Fortune 500 companies, and some of the leading organisations on BusinessWeek/Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Ranking.

Keynote Topics:
‘Thinque Funky: upgrade your thinking’
‘Future Thinking: global trends and thinking that are upending your industry’
‘Gapminder 3.0: how to communicate cross-generationally’
‘Social Media in the 3.0 Age: connecting with the cynical consumer’
‘Thought Leadership Marketing: the ultimate competitive advantage’
‘Zeitgeist: the vibe of the times and how it’s impacting your business’

His bespoke presentations are infotaining, provoking, and inspirational and are enhanced by the use of stimulating multimedia like interactive pen tablets, music, and prezi-slideshows, and Anders is available at your conference to run break-out sessions (Thinque Tanks) for sponsors and spouses to add value to your event beyond his session.

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