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Patrick Dixon

"Either we take hold of the future or it will take hold us of us.” Dr. Patrick Dixon, the Futurewise author virtually lives in the year 2010 and already sees tomorrow as history.

Patrick Dixon is an international lecturer on global trends and new technologies and founder of Global Change Ltd. Dr. Dixon shares what he has learned while conducting tailor-made research for Fortune 500 companies and consulting for corporate think tanks on policy and strategy implications for the immediate future

Dr. Dixon has written ten books on what´s in store for us in the future, the latest being Futurewise, published by HarperCollins.

Dubbed a "global change guru" by The Wall Street Journal, Dixon has worked in Africa, China, the Middle East, and across Europe and the Americas. Cash magazine calls him "the rising star of trend researchers." The changes he foresees will overtake us all, in different ways, in different parts of the world

Among Patrick Dixon´s many clients are organizations like Hewlett-Packard, Andersen Worldwide and the World Bank in China, the World Economic Forum´s Southern African Economic Summit and International Emirates Forum, and the Internet Expo to name a few.

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